Megger Test

Electrical Insulation and Leakage Testing

Megger Test - Electrical Insulation and Leakage Testing

What Types of Products Does Megger Group Limited Offer?

You will find that Megger Group Limited actually has more than 1000 products available. Here are some of  the options that you will find.   

1. Battery test equipment – this equipment is going to be able to help keep a better eye on batteries so that managing their lifespan is going to be easier.
battey test
2. Cable fault locating equipment – the high quality cable fault locating equipment presents a faster and accurate method of locating issues within cables. cable faulting
3. Circuit breaker testers – testers for circuit breakers are vital if they are going to stay in good working condition. These testers will make it easy to find deviations in the breakers, so you can know whether you should keep it in service or replace it. circuit break tester
4. Ground resistance testers – these will cover the testing of earth electrodes and the measurement of soil sensitivity.
ground resistance
5. HiPot AC/DC test equipment – these products are going to help to check the electrical insulation quality for transformers, capacitors, power cables, motors, and more.
6. Insulation resistance testers – these are available with more than 20 different models, so you will be able to choose just the right model for your needs. They will test the resistance of insulation to make sure that everything is in proper working order. insulation tester
7. Low resistance ohmmeters – they are very accurate and they have the ability to measure resistance as fine as 0.1 micro-ohm. These meters will work for a number of different applications, from circuit breakers to pipeline bonds.low resistance

8. Overhead line testing equipment – this type of equipment will help power utilities to have the most accurate testing of their equipment. Several different models are available for different purposes. overhead line test
9. Power factor test equipment – these devices have the ability to measure power factor in a host of different environments, which can help to make it easy for specialists to monitor and maintain a safe environment and to keep down the costs of repair.
10. Production testing equipment – these are great for the production floor and for specialists to test devices quickly, easily, and thoroughly. Different models of the devices are available to cover any type of unit that one might need to test.
11. Software for asset management – while this is not a testing device it is, nonetheless, a product that is quite important for many in the field. The software is a perfect data management solution for acceptance and maintenance testing.
12. Transformer test equipment – transformer repair and replacement can be costly, so it makes much more sense to invest in this testing equipment. The testers will be able to check to make sure the transformers are in good working condition.
13. Watthour test equipment – this is going to be great for larger operations. Many different product options are available in this category to help with testing watthours.
14. Voltage detectors – these detectors feature an easy to read LCD display that will provide AD and DC measurements from 6 to 1000 volts. They are a great addition to many toolboxes. voltage
15. Time domain reflectometers – these are able to work on just about any cable type regardless of the power rating. They are safe and can help to test the integrity of the cables with ease.
16. Leak and corona detectors – the leak and corona detectors are going to be a good solution for finding partial discharges. They can help to make sure that the various components are working properly and reliably.
17. Multimeters, clampmeters, and solar PV testers – this trio of equipment is quite popular because they come in many varieties to work in a host of different arenas. They are durable, as well, and can work in harsh environments with no trouble. solar pv
18. Power quality testers – these testers are great for onsite work for testing, as well as recording. Some of the options in this category, such as the PA9 Wireless, are able to work with remote recording of electrical signals. Other products in this category are able to work with overhead lines, residential and commercial investigations, and more.
19. Cable locators and route traces – the items can be a great help to those who need to locate cables. Some of the options are even vehicle mountable, since those who are in this field of expertise are often on the move.
20. Cable height meters – these meters are going to be able to measure the height of up to six overhead meters with ease. You can be sure that they are accurate, as well.
21. Structured cable (LAN) testers – the cable testers here are for cable installers and network owners. The units are able to provide high quality and high speed, which helps with installation as well as troubleshooting.
22. DC test sets – these testing sets are able to help identify equipment that might be in store to have a failure. Identifying and rectifying the issues sooner rather than later can help to save money, as well as frustration.
23. Multifunction copper tester – the copper tester here holds a lot of value. They have the ability to locate cable faults, and to test power, control, and communication cables. They are low voltage and safe, and useful for all different types of cable. copper

The above is a sampling of some of the many different products and areas of products Meggar is making today. The company has many different types of devices that are going to be suitable for quite a few different applications. The name is one of the most trusted in the industry thanks to their integrity and their time in the field. Those who are in need of high quality equipment will want to see everything they offer.